Online Kabaddi Betting strategies to win

Sports and betting are closely linked, so whenever there are sports there is always betting happening.

The fans can place bets on online Kabaddi betting sites. Betacular is arguably the best Kabaddi online betting site in the sub-continent.

Why bet on Kabaddi:

Kabaddi is the most fun and exciting sport in the nation. If you feel that watching is exciting then betting is even more exciting.

So we urge you to try your hand at Kabaddi betting. There are good aspects and bad aspects associated with the fact that there are many online Kabaddi betting sites.

How to get started:

Initially join a betting site for Kabaddi. This can be a daunting task as there are only a few of them and most of them are focused on North American and European countries where this sport is not popular.

However as time passed we noticed a spike in registrations, and thereby a host of Betting sites for Kabaddi. There are no licenses for some online Kabaddi betting sites in India so be cautious.

The next step is to deposit money on a site:

This can be confusing because each website has its deposit methods. Chose a site that offers methods like Paytm and UPI which makes it more convenient for you.

After you register you can avail the welcome bonus. The trick here is that each site has its wagering requirements and welcome bonus. So take your time and go for the site with the most promising welcome bonus.

Betacular is the best online Kabaddi betting site in India and am sure you will support me post research.

Start betting:

This is some what easy. Master the rules prior to placing your bet. If not then you will be greeted by a rude shock.

If you play wisely and responsibly then you can leverage the monetary aspect of online betting sites for Kabaddi.

Kabaddi betting options:

Here the winner is decided based on the number of tags that they have accumulated. Here one can bet on the number of tags a team will accumulate.

The odds are somewhat high here. One can also bet on the player who might score the highest raiding points, etc., and just like in the other games.

there is an option for the outright match winner and man of the match. If you want to play on online betting sites for Kabaddi in India then do so on Betacular.

Pro Kabaddi betting:

This was launched in the year 2014 and there is no turning back since then. There are at least eight franchises and the popularity is brimming over the edge.

The PKL has earned laurels for the game of Kabaddi. There are a few online Kabaddi betting sites in India that are blacklisted so read before you wager.

How are the best Kabaddi betting sites qualified?

It is most likely that you will get carried away if you see the betting options for players. Spend some time and chose the right site to pool your money.

Given the rarity of the sport, the sheer number of online bookies has fallen short.

The following are the factors one needs to consider for the best Kabaddi betting site there is.

The fact that Betacular is the best online Kabaddi betting site in India is being stressed.

Easy registration:

An easy registration process is a norm these days. If you are stuck up in a site then dump it and go for another site.

A good Pro Kabaddi betting site asks for the least details among the other sites and typically takes 5 minutes.

Promotions and welcome bonuses:

The one thing a player has to look for is the generous and impressive welcome bonus.

There is a healthy competition here so opt for the site with the most promising bonus.


The website charges some commission to bring online gaming to your screens.

You can go for it if the amount is small however if it is too much then dump it.

Always go for those sites that charge the least commission from the users.

Live streaming:

This is an option to bet while the match is in progress. The odds keep changing here as the match progresses.

And depending on the situation the bets are placed.

Mobile betting:

Smartphones are an integral part of our lives every day. All of the sites have optimized their content for mobile phones and offer more convenience.

And the betting app allows us to place bets from anywhere and anytime and even in the comfort of your home.


It is inevitable that Kabaddi has risen from the dust and is gaining popularity as time passes.

Given the betting online platforms and the fans of PKL, Kabaddi is all set to take off into the future. And since 2015, the game’s popularity has risen like never before.

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