The Easiest Way to Bet On Online Football betting site to win

If you are foraying into Online football betting site, then it is most likely that you are wondering what are the easiest bets to win in football. Betacular is arguably thebest football betting site in the sub-continent.

-> Why is a bet easy?

They are the ones with the least odds and hence their rewards are also less. There are good aspects and bad aspects associated with the fact that there are many online football betting sites in India.

Here we attempt to unravel the easiest bets in football:

-> Over/under: this is perhaps the easiest and most straightforward bet. The bookmaker selects the number of goals in a match and it is for the punters to decide whether the actual number of goals is higher than or lower than this pre-set number.

There are no licenses for some online betting sites for football so be cautious.

-> First half over or under: this is a slight variation of the above bet. This consists of predicting whether the actual number of goals in the first or second half is above or below the pre-set number.

Betacular is the best online betting site for football and am sure you will agree with me after your research.

-> Double chance: This is unique in the sense that one can bet on the three possible outcomes of a match. They are:

-> Home or draw:

Either the match is tied or the home team gets to win.

-> Away or draw:

Either the match is tied or the away team gets to win

-> Home or away:

Any team can win here. Here one is more likely to win. Their odds are as low as 1.10 or much lower.

If you play wisely and responsibly then you can make some money on the best soccer gambling sites.

-> Draw no bet:

This involves betting on a team, who might win and if the match is drawn, then your wager is returned.

This makes it more lucrative than betting on the traditional home or away bet. If you want to play on online soccer gambling sites then do so on Betacular.

-> BTTS (Both teams to score):

Here if there are two equal opponents then there is every chance that both teams will score. This is also an easy bet.

There are a few online football betting sites that are blacklisted so read before you wager.

Now’s the time for Hard or tough bets to win:

There are some hard bets to win and they offer higher odds and have a higher risk. The fact that Betacular is the best online football betting site is being stressed.

-> The exact score:

One bets on the projected score after full time. This has chances of being incorrect and obviously, the odds are higher.

-> Score after halftime:

This is nothing but a variation of the above bet.

The punter must predict the exact score after halftime. The odds are pretty high here.

-> Even or odd:

This is based on guessing whether the total goals scored by both the teams are even or odd.

What bets should one place – hard or easy. The easy bets have more possibility to win and hence carry fewer odds and on the other hand, the hard bets are difficult to win and have higher odds.

So place bets whose odds are favorable compared to their likelihood.

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