Horse Racing Betting

It is a known fact that horse racing and horse racing betting are legal in the sub-continent. And in India horse racing has been around for two hundred years and the very first racing track in India was laid in the then Madras in the year 1777.

How does horse racing betting work?

When you bet online on horse racing use your mind and do not blow up your bankroll. First things first, initially find a horse racing betting website like Betacular and create an account that should not consume much of your time.

Horse Racing Betting

Then you will be eligible for a welcome bonus to start betting on horse racing. There are many horse racing betting sites in the offing. Be wise and use your instinct before you zero in on a site.

Betting markets and horse racing odds

If you are a newbie then there are two things you should know – one is to understand how odds work and the other is to understand the various betting options available to you. If the odds of winning are higher the lower will be the payout and vice versa. Now let us look at the bets.

There are so many of them which might confuse you. Don’t panic let us analyse them individually. And with the horse racing betting sites mushrooming everywhere, the player will be spoilt for choice.

Straight Bets

This is pretty straightforward. When your horse comes in first you win and if your horse finishes first or second you get a place and if your horse finishes in first, second or third then you get a show. Among all the horse racing betting sites, Betacular is the best.

Exotic bets

These can be either horizontal bets or vertical bets. Horizontal bets can be divided into daily double wherein you pick up the winner of 2 back-to-back races, pick 3/4/5/6 where you pick up the winner of 3/4/5/6 winners of consecutive races.

Horse Racing Betting

And the vertical exotic bets are the ones where you pick up the 1st and 2nd finishes or 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finishes or 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th finishes which are called Straight Exacta, Straight Trifecta, and Straight superfecta respectively. Betting on online horse racing is more of a fun and skill than luck.

The important horse races in India and abroad

In India does not get as much coverage as cricket in India. All said and done there are many horse races happening across the sub-continent.

Under Indian Classics, the main category of horse racing, there are 5 races like Indian Oaks, St. Leger, The Indian 1000 and 2000 Guineas, and the Indian Derby. In addition to this, there are domestic horse races happening at Delhi Turf club, Royal Western India Turf Club, Madras Race Club, Royal Calcutta Turf Club, Bangalore, and Hyderabad turf clubs.

If you want to bet on races taking place overseas then these are the ones to watch out for – The Breeders’ cup, The Belmont Stakes, The Grand National, The Preakness, The Royal Ascot, and The Kentucky Derby. The monsoon determines when the races take place.

And you can go to their official website to check out when the season begins and ends. Betting on online horse racing has come of age given the number of races, betting odds, and betting markets.

And you can go to their official website to check out when the season begins and ends. Betting on online horse racing has come of age given the number of races, betting odds, and betting markets.

It is totally fine to place horse bets in India. You can Google and do your preparation for the legal horse betting sites in which Indian bettors are accepted. You have come to the right spot if you are on Betacular for betting on online horse racing.

Best mobile horse race betting app

Betacular is the best mobile betting app for both iOS and Android users taking into account all the pros and cons. Moreover, this app can be downloaded free of cost. All you need is a mobile browser to bet on these sites and play while on the move. When you bet online on horse racing be wise and do your groundwork to select the right horse.

What is In play and virtual horse racing betting?

The in-play betting allows you to bet on a live horse race, from your browser. So make sure your internet connection is really fast.

A few seconds of delay might change the outcome of the match and hence your bet. Virtual horse racing is not a real race per se, it is a computer-generated visual representation and has a random number draw. This comes in handy when there are no horse races happening and you still want to bet.

However, there is not much of a skill involved here so you have to depend on your stars. When you bet online on horse racing on Betacular you can rest assured that your money is in safe hands.

Betting tips for online horse racing that help you win

horse racing is completely legal in the Sub-continent only because it is based on skill rather than luck. One can always experiment with the new betting sites for horse racing after thorough research.

So if you aspire to be a veteran punter then you need to do some groundwork and do some preparation and fine hone your skills. If you are a newbie then you are advised to do your homework and see which is the best horse racing gambling site and am sure you will agree with me that Betacular is the best.

Before you place your bet it is imperative that you consider factors like the news about the race track, the jockey, the last five performances of each horse, the background of the horses that are competing, and how many horses are racing. After thorough research, you have to zero in on 2 or 3 horses that you think might win.

Now check out the betting odds and see if they match your calculations. Analyse your betting history to see where you are right and where you are going wrong. However in the end you have to trust your instinct and never get carried away by merely looking at the odds. There are new betting sites for horse racing sprouting everywhereand some old betting sites. Check the licenses of the site and if it is black-listed or not. A word of caution is advised here.